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Lip balm keeps our lovely lips soft and pink. Even with daily care, it is not easy to keep the lips healthy. Our lips are the most sensitive area to come in contact with the outer world. Therefore, we need to wear a lip balm for healthy natural lips. Especially if you have fragile lips, you need to take extra care of your pout. However, I don't recommend using chemicals on your lips. It would help if you tried to stay as natural as possible. Therefore, we are here with an easy DIY lip balm recipe.

Beeswax with Coconut Oil

Beeswax adds a protective layer to sensitive lips
Grate some beeswax and couple it with one tablespoon of coconut oil
Melt the wax and add honey to warm melting beeswax
Apply the balm to your lips when it cools down

Mint Chocolate

Melt mint chocolate with beeswax
Let the mixture cool
Apply lip balm when your lips are dry

Essential Oils

Essential oils have numerous benefits without side effects.
Follow the coconut oil and beeswax recipe but add some drops on any essential oil as an enhancement
Apply the balm with crucial oil fragrance permanently

Hemp and Honey

Usually known as a drug, hemp has many unknown benefits
Mix hemp oil and honey with melting beeswax
Apply the nourishing lip balm every day


Kool-aid can soothe the damage on your lips
Pour a sachet of kool-aid and add one teaspoon sugar
Mix it with one spoon of coconut oil
Freeze the mixture and use as a lip balm whenever you need


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